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Somalia’s Leading Supplier of Jet A-1 Fuel

Jet A-1 Fuel  Servicing Airlines Across the Globe.  Join our Global Enterprise.

Deliver Qualified Jet A1 Fuel

Deliver Qualified Jet A1 Fuel

Fueling Aircrafts 

Fueling Aircrafts 

Meeting JIG Standards

Meeting JIG Standards


There’s a reason Prime Aviation Fuel is regarded so highly within the aviation world and beyond. Prime Aviation is one of the largest supplier in the Somalia. And a top supplier of Jet A-1 fuels to commercial, private and military aviation. Our extensive network of ships, pipelines and supply terminals translates into secure, cost-effective supply now and in the future.

From here to eternity.

Prime Aviation continues to stay ahead of the power curve of progress, surpassing industry standards in the sky and space, continuing to earn the title of The Leader in Aviation Fuel in Somalia.

 Prime Aviation Fuel offers JET A-1 that complies with international standards and specifications and is fully traceable from the refinery to the aircraft.

Aviation fuels and Aviation operating standards abide by JIG (Joint Inspection Group) standards.

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#1 Selling Jet A-1 Fuel in Somalia Fueling Aden Adde International Airport

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Prime Aviation’s New Depot


New and Outstanding Refuellers allow for the safe passage of fuel from the depot to your aircraft!

Prime Depot

Our New state of the art, world class depot, allows for safe storage of JET A-1 fuel that meets the world highest standard.

Filter Water Seperator

Our latest edition Filter Water Separator equips your aircrafts and your pilots’ peace of mind.  

Our promise to Safety & Environment.


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Prime Depot

Mogadishu, Somalia